About Journey

Founded in 2020, Journey is a collaborative effort between Cecilie Friis-Mikkelsen and Thomas Raun. The contemporary design studio and joinery offers full-service solutions and custom-made objects. Aesthetically, the duo works from a dogmatic position of high-quality materials focusing on tactility and harmony. There’s a sophisticated avant-garde feeling to their projects that is never dictated by a specific style, but always explores and plays with materials and details. Materials are the backbone of the story – they should move you, invite you to be used, be versatile and sustainable. For the final project to live and have value, the duo never compromises quality – they only take on projects with an ambition to design and create solutions that last a lifetime.

Dialogue takes a central position in Journey’s work – from the initial and important dialogue with clients to the dialogue between design, materials, and craftsmanship and finally, between the client and the lived environment. With exceptional spatial understanding, Journey’s solutions are uniquely theirs. Whether it is a kitchen, a wardrobe, or a piece of furniture, every project is tailored to the rooms and needs of their clients. From stone selection to knobs, every detail is considered, and custom made.